Why God Created the Police Officer

I am a strong believer that faith plays a huge role into our profession as LEO’s. Many of us wear the St. Michael pendant around our necks, on our vests or, for some, permanently tattooed on our bodies. I know many of us are believers; it helps us explain the things we see, the things we wished we would have never seen.

That is why God created the police officer.

Who else would he choose to see the world’s most disturbing scenes and deal with the world’s worst people? God created the police officer in the image of his only son. God is in everything we do, everything we see, every word we hear. God needed soldiers to walk the earth, to protect the innocent and bring justice to those who have committed the worst of sins.

That is why God created the police officer.

Every single one of you that puts the vest and badge on every day has been hand picked by God to be a warrior. There is a reason you are a police officer. You were born with a sense of honor, service and sacrifice. You were born able to see things that many ordinary people cannot see. You were born able to see good, evil and everything in between. You were born able to read between the lines, understand subtle words, and have compassion for the compassionless. You were born to fill the deficit between good and evil. You were born with blue blood and a lion’s heart.

That is why God created the police officer.


Saint Michael is the patron saint of police Officers. Often believed to be God's first "police officer".
Saint Michael is the patron saint of police Officers. Often believed to be God’s first “police officer”.

Why Law Enforcement is a Safe Career

This may seem odd to you, why would an article be headlined with the words “safe” and “law enforcement”, especially in today’s world? It is my job to explain to you that, even though police are being attacked and killed at an alarming rate, law enforcement is a safe career.

Allow me to guide you through this thought process.

I entered law enforcement for a couple of reasons, one of which is that I served in the military and needed something to satisfy the need to be in a career in which I was close with my co-workers. I tried the business scene, and it just wasn’t working for me; the work place was filled with unmotivated, unhealthy complainers. Not to mention that my post secondary education focused on law enforcement. I knew that, even though the road to obtaining a spot in the law enforcement field would be tough, bumpy and long, I belonged in law enforcement.

And so it began, my career as a police officer. Not exactly how I thought it would begin, but it has progressed into just what I imagined it would be.

Like I stated earlier, i entered law enforcement in order to satisfy the desire to be in a career where everyone is like that of a brother or sister, just like the military.  Not only is everyone like a brother and sister in LE, but I have yet to meet an officer that wouldn’t lay down his or her life for another. This is where we begin to see the safety of law enforcement as a career.

Look in the news today, pull up an article of an officer being killed in the line of duty. Now, you may be thinking that this is going in the opposite direction of “safety”. You’re right, I am. However, in these tragic occurrences, we can see how our profession is also safe. So, pull up one of these articles, they, unfortunately, aren’t hard to find. Now follow the article, the embedded links, until you see evidence of the outpouring of support from the law enforcement community in response to whichever terrible event you chose to look through.

This is where the evidence of my claim of safety lay. Social media is flooded with officers taking fallen officers’ children to school for their first day of kindergarten, GoFundMe accounts to support the fallen officers’ families, tribute videos, 14 mile long funeral processions, free tuition given by university presidents to fallen officers’ children, words of sorrow, support and wisdom, and many more creative and caring acts.

I knew entering this profession that my physical safety would be in jeopardy. I knew that my life would constantly be on the line, whether anyone else realized it or not. However, here is where my safety is strengthened. My safety is strengthened by my brothers and my sisters to my right and to my left. My safety lies in their hands, and I couldn’t find a better group of people to entrust with my safety. I would bet the small amount of money in my retirement fund that an accountant wouldn’t look to the person sitting across the cubicle and entrust them with their life in the most dire of situations.  OUR safety lies in each other as police officers.

Yes, our physical safety is in danger every single day, every single night, and will always continue to be. I would argue to say, however, that we are in the safest profession in the world, because the physical safety of all my brothers and sisters exists in every beat of my heart, and for them, I know it is the same.


My Daily Goal

I believe having a goal is one thing, but making that goal known to everyone binds us even closer, and holds us accountable, to our goals. 

That being said, my daily goal is to contribute at least one piece to this website daily. Not to push an unnecessary agenda, or to gain popularity for the website, but to allow myself, as a police officer, a daily outlet to those who appreciate our profession. Perhaps just one of these articles will reach someone and re-invigorate their passion for law enforcement and remind them why they entered this beautiful lifestyle to begin with. 

I welcome all to have an open mind and an open heart, and embrace our profession for what it is….selfless and secluded, but filled with love many of us will never find anywhere else. 



Welcome to LEOUSA

Welcome to LEOUSA. This, along with our Facebook page, is dedicated to law enforcement officers and those in the law enforcement profession all around the United States. We, at LEOUSA, welcome and encourage healthy discussion, debate, and communication between law enforcement officers. We believe knowledge is power and will only build our profession.

We appreciate your dedication, interest, and genuine care for the profession of law enforcement and those that serve.

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