A Thank You, From One Police Officer to Another

I know, just as well as any other police officer, that we do not do this job for the praise or the “thank you’s”. But, today, I offer up a “thank you” from myself, to every police officer in this great country.

Why? we all do a similar job, day in and day out. I offer up the “thank you” because it is every single one of you that have my back every single day. Every single one of you creates an atmosphere of belonging, of justice and of peace. Every single one of you represents what is good in our human race. You are the mothers, the fathers, the sisters, the brothers, the husbands and the wives that every single person strives to be. You represent the good and you fight against the bad. You are the voice behind the mute, the eyes for the blind and the legs for people that have found themselves down in life. Ultimately, you stand in the direct line of danger, so that a complete stranger may be spared that pain. You may stand in between me and death one day, just as I will make every effort to stand in front of you, so that you may continue on our righteous path.

We are all in this together, but I owe every single one of you a big “thank you” for allowing me to be a part of the most incredible, rock-solid, institution in this country: law enforcement.

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