The Issue with Today’s Police

Police are in the media today more than any time I can ever remember in the past. There are complaints from border-line hate groups against police. Police are being watched, recorded, berated, ambushed and killed at a rate that appears higher than the past.

So maybe there is an issue with the police.

Stay with me here; I know what you’re thinking, and you’re about to exit out of this webpage and never come back. Trust me, I know where I am going with this.

The issue with today’s police is an issue for those who don’t stand for justice, peace and overall the right thing. The issue with today’s police is that we CARE. Today’s police men and women have empathy and sympathy. The issue with today’s police is that we represent something that true criminals will never have; we represent a brotherhood, a sisterhood and a family that criminals envy, and will envy until they consciously decide to join a better cause, a cause other than victimizing society. The issue with today’s police is that we all are willing to lay down our life so that our brother and sister won’t have to  lay down theirs; once again, the criminals envy this, for the only life they are willing to lay down, is someone else’s for the immediate benefit of their selfish intentions.

Today’s police represent chivalry, honesty, respect, integrity, selfless service, honor and a system of society that has come to pass. We represent everything from allowing children to cross the street after school to hunting this world’s most hardened killers. Police officers, today, represent a large portion of this country’s bravest men and women.

The biggest issue with today’s police officers, is that there is no issue at all.

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