The Silent Heroes in Law Enforcement

I often write about the overt heroic and commendable things that police officers do. I write to bring awareness and possibly increase education on the subject of law enforcement. I am biased towards this profession, there is no doubt about that. I do not think being biased towards your own profession is societal “faux pas”. To the contrary, I believe it to show strength of character and pride in what you do.

What I think we fail, and society fails, to notice on a daily basis, are the silent heroes in law enforcement. The silent heroes in law enforcement exist in many forms. We see (or fail to see) the silent heroes in the waves we get as we drive down the street, the doors that are held, the meals that are graciously paid for, the coffee that’s “on the house”. We don’t expect these things, we do not feel entitled to these things. We do this job solely for the purpose that we love this job.

Silent heroes exist in our families. The wives, children, mothers, fathers, grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins that support us day in and day out and ask nothing in return are heroes just by their loving actions. It has to be tough to be the family member of a law enforcement officer. I can’t even imagine the feeling of seeing your loved one off to work without the complete confidence that someone out there, in this world, won’t try to take that person away from you. It must be scary…terrifying, in fact; and, yet, they will never dissuade that loved one from putting on the vest and badge and driving off. They make us lunch, bring us coffee, silence the kids and keep the lights low when we sleep. They embrace us when we have had a hard shift and have seen our every emotion. These silent heroes know when we need to be left to our own devices, and when to jump in and slow us down. These heroes bring us back to reality, and show us what love truly is.

If anyone deserves thanks, it is the individuals that allow us to serve the public. They are the silent heroes of law enforcement. To all of you, I give my deepest gratitude.

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