A Police Officer’s Stance on Gun Control

It seems that, in the United States, every single time a major event involving a gun occurs, numerous people come out of the wood work to take one side or the other on gun control. I have the unique blessing to sit back and watch this evolve as a police officer. I see valid points for both sides of the fence (although I will refrain from telling you which side I truly belong to; I am sure you can guess, as a fellow police officer).

What I can do is sit here and tell you my stance on gun control, solely through the eyes of a police officer. Now, I do not speak for all police officers, I do not speak for my department, I do not speak for my family. I speak for me and me only. My stance is not dependent on what legislation enacts, it is not dependent on how hard it is to buy a gun at a gun store, it is not dependent on the law. My stance on gun control is completely dependent on those that refuse to follow the law. In my opinion, it does not matter how much gun control exists. People who break the law, will continue to break the law. My stance on gun control lies in how much control I have over my own gun. As a police officer, I will always have the god-given privilege to carry a firearm. Gun control to me is how well I can aim, how well I can concentrate on trigger squeeze, following through, remaining on target until the target is neutralized, and keeping a sense of situational awareness all while ensuring the threat to myself and others is dealt with. Gun control to me is not a political issue. Gun control to me is ensuring that I am trained to the point that, when I need to rely on my gun, I am able to utilize it effectively.

It is an indisputable fact that guns will exist in this world until the day you and I die, despite what anyone in our city’s, state’s or country’s legislature does. It is our responsibility to make sure we have control over our guns as police officers. Train well, train often, train past the fight.

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