Faith and Law Enforcement Go Hand-in-Hand

Never fear, I am not here to push religion on anyone. I do not believe in pushing my faith or religion on any other person than myself. I honor different beliefs, it is what this job has taught me to do. This article isn’t about religion, it is about having faith. I am going to make an attempt to explain how faith plays a role into our profession, in a separate context from religion.

Almost everyone, when faith is brought into a conversation, will automatically orient their minds and associate the conversation with religion. In law enforcement, however, faith takes on multiple definitions. In my best words, faith can be synonymous with “belief” and “trust”. I now ask you to associate the word “faith” with these two words and ideas. Take some time to think to yourself how you would further define “belief” and “trust”.

In this profession we must have faith. It is a necessity in order for us to get through every day. Keeping in mind that faith can be defined as “belief” and “trust”, I believe you will see how it plays a role in our lives and in our work.

During a traffic stop, we must have faith that our training has taught us to approach the vehicle from the right direction, to respond to any adverse behavior a driver or passenger may engage in, to react with respect and within the law and to apply justice accordingly.

During a domestic disturbance call, we must have faith that our emotions will not overtake our sound judgment. We must have faith that individuals are telling the truth while having faith that our minds and experience can discern when half-truths are present.

We must have faith in our families, our wives, husbands, children and parents. We must have faith that they will support us in everything we do, in everything we see, in our reactions, in our sadness, in our happiness, in our protective nature and in our, sometimes, madness.

We must have faith in the public, that they will put their faith in us, to protect them, serve them and come to their aid when in need, without prejudice or bias.

We must have faith in our departments, that they will train us to their allowed and available capacity and that they will back us up when we find ourselves on the defensive, as long as we have acted within the law, which we most definitely do.

We must have faith in our partners, in our sisters and brothers in blue, that when we call for assistance they will never be too far away with the same zest for justice you have every day. We must have faith that they will come to our assistance when we find ourselves down on life. We must have faith that they won’t judge us in our weaknesses, but will take every available opportunity to strengthen our morale.

We must have faith that we have guardian angels watching our every move. We must have faith that when our time has come, we have given 110% to our lives, to our families, to the public and to our steadfast convictions.

Most importantly, we must have faith in ourselves. It is imperative, that before you place faith in anything else, you place rock-solid faith in yourself and your morals. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, there is a reason we wear the badge. There is a reason you took this job. There is a reason you live the lifestyle you live. Have faith in yourself, never doubt your profession. We have hearts of lions, intentions of saints, blood of true warriors. Often, the first thing that is lost in the job, is the faith in ourselves to succeed. Don’t allow yourself to be fooled by outside influences. Do not quit, do not give up, it is not in your nature. Have faith that you are living a life of honor and integrity. Have faith that you are doing the right thing, day in and day out. Have faith in your will to live, your will to survive, your will to overcome evil.

Have faith in the Thin Blue Line, for it has faith in you.

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