We Are Who We Are Because of You – A Letter to the Public

I write to you, the public at large, for one reason today. We are who we are, because of you. Yesterday, after a crew got done taking a tree down in my yard, the foreman came up to my door and thanked me for what I do. I was leaving for work and thought I would walk out the door, wave, and be on my way. He took me off guard a bit, and I thanked him back. In retrospect, I do not think I should have been surprised. In fact, I find it more and more frequent that people thank me when I am in uniform. Sometimes, it is a quick and quiet thank you, and other times someone stops me to talk, thanks me for what I am doing, and shakes my hand. What the public needs to realize is the profound effect these small acts have on the morale of our police officers. I was able to leave for work yesterday in an elevated mood, happy that something so simple could make me smile. It is the thanks and the waves, the hand shakes and the conversations, that make us proud of what we do. We owe you a bigger “thank you” than you owe us. It is because of you that we are who we are.

However, there will forever be individuals in the public that look down upon the police and wish harm and ill-will towards us. To those of you who fit into this mold, I submit that it is also because of YOU that we are who we are. It is because of you that we refuse to back down. It is because of you that we will continue our fight even when our brothers fall at your hands. It is because of you I wear my vest. It is because of you that I train to the point that I am confident that the day I may be faced in a battle against you, at any given moment, I will be the one going home. You will be taken away and will answer for your wrong-doings. If I happen to fall, I am confident that my brothers and sisters will continue in their noble fight for justice, because of you. It is because of you that the appreciating, law-abiding, honorable public thanks us, for we keep them safe from people who commit society’s most unthinkable wrongs.

It is because of all of you, that we are who we are; Police officers and willing servants to the public.

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