I’m Not Sorry for Becoming a Police Officer

I live it, I think about it, I dream about it, I often cannot stop thinking about it. I’m talking about our profession, law enforcement. The media downplays our good acts, gives too much credit to the criminals and makes assumptions that often go past reality and into untruth, bordering the ridiculous. Many people would shy away from ever taking this profession. You don’t owe me anything because I have chosen to become a police officer. I will never tell you that I am better than you or that you owe me some form of concrete gratitude because of something I have willingly chosen to do. Not only will I never tell you those things, but I will never think those things. We will silently go in to our workday, expecting nothing in return except cooperation. There is, however, one thing I will say, one thing I will always speak up about and one thing that no media outlet, no person, no politician, no friend, family or foe can ever change; I am not sorry for becoming a police officer. 

I am not sorry for pulling you over today because your brake light was out. I am not sorry for blocking the street, not allowing you through access. I am not sorry for demanding answers when you called the police for some unknown trouble or reason. I am not sorry I took you to jail. I am not sorry I simply love doing my job. 


Because pulling someone over for a dysfunctional brake light can lead to the apprehension of wanted persons, violent criminals, drug dealers, drunk drivers, the people we swear to protect you against. 

I am blocking the street because a child has just been hit by a car, a family’s home is burning, someone dangerous is barricaded inside your neighbor’s house and the last thing we want is to put you in eye-shot of a terrible scene or, god forbid, put you in any more danger than you would willingly put yourself. 

I am demanding answers from you because I know this may be your one and only chance to legitimately get out of a dangerous and abusive relationship. I can feel your anxiety, I know you’re in trouble; all you need is a little encouragement from someone who can actually do something about it. 

I took you to jail because you committed a crime. Yes, I could have cited you and, even perhaps, I could have looked the other way. However, I live a life of integrity, respect for the public and respect for you. Maybe I took you to jail because a citation would not serve as a lesson learned. It could very well be the wake up call that saves your life, removes you from the deadly grip of drug abuse, which inevitably leads to death. I did not take you to jail because I hate you; I took you to jail because I swore to protect you.

I am not sorry for backing my brothers and sisters in blue until the day I die. I am not sorry for loving my family, both blood and blue, to the point that I would willingly lay down my life for them, or you. I am not sorry that a minority of the public puts a target on my back, literally wishing someone would take a shot. I am surely not sorry that we will always win against this small radical group. I am not sorry that we are sometimes looked down upon and spit upon, for it is these people who will eventually feel the strong-arm of justice prevail against them. 

I am not sorry that I may fall, by your hand, because my brothers and sisters will grow stronger and hunt you with a fever you have never witnessed before. They do not crave revenge, they simply crave justice. 

I am not sorry that my real life heroes exist in the form of public servants. 

I am not sorry for becoming a police officer. 


23 thoughts on “I’m Not Sorry for Becoming a Police Officer

  1. Thank you for protecting us, the citizens that need you,that call upon you for help. Thank for even for the radical group that do not see what you do for them each and every day. Thank you for becoming a police officer and for upholding the law. Thank you.


  2. I am thankful everyday to the officers who willingly do such a dangerous and often exhausting task. I know they never actually clock out. They do a job many cringe at. I respect all who do this job and my son loves you. Like literally. If he see a police car while we are driving he yells “mommy look look a police man (or woman).” If we are in public and he sees an officer he gets so tickled and wants to say hello. That ones hard on me because I’m naturally an extremely shy introvert but I also can’t deny such a small request from my son. I am doing the best I can as a single mother to teach my son that police officers are there to help him when he is scared or hurt or lost. And because he has some slight learning disabilities I am thrilled that he is learning to identify the uniform and is happy to see it. I want my son to grow up respecting everyone but the police even a little more so. Any ways end of ramble. Thank you to all officers and other personnel who do such a dangerous and often unimaginable job. I and my son share in holding the blue line.

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  3. Your life, integrity and dedication are what makes life safe for the rest of us. Thank you for being you, and thank you for protecting me.


  4. I’m not famous enough for you to know me, but, for whatever it’s worth, I do appreciate you and the career path you’ve chosen. I could not have chosen it and figure it has got to be some kind of calling. “They” say there are bad folks in every profession, and I suppose there are. But in my 54 years, I’ve only met good and decent cops. I pray for you when I see your patrol cars and around town, and I regularly pray for our nation’s LEOs. I pray for your safety, that you get home safely from each shift, and that you could know the love of Jesus. You don’t have to defend your love of law enforcement to me. I appreciate and thank you and all law enforcement for their choice in that line of work. We need you, so thank you so much for all that you do.


  5. There are two words that when put together mean many different things to different people. Two words that can put smiles on people’s faces or anxiety in their hearts. Two words that strike hatred in some & love in others. Two words that are more than words. They are a title, an occupation, & a career. Better yet, they are two words that describe a lifestyle. A lifestyle like no other for those who choose to place a badge on their heart & promise to serve & protect. A lifestyle that may require that person to in a split second save someone’s life while risking their own. A lifestyle that requires that person to face good & evil every single day that others don’t see. A lifestyle that asks that person to wake up every morning without the assurance they will come home that night. Two words mean ALL that. Two words that should forever be respected and remembered! Those two SMALL words are POLICE OFFICER! Two more small words: THANK YOU! I’m so very proud of my husband not for what he is BUT who he is and his promise to serve & protect.


  6. I am proud to be married for 36 years to a police officer. It is a very difficult job and it is hard to mentally handle the people who lie cheat steal rob murder sell drugs and prostitution on a daily basis. Can you imagine what it is like. Then people call and complain that you were rude to them and they have to take a report then send it to internal affairs. The bible says to obey the laws of the land…I guess that only applies to a select few.


    1. I have always had and always will have the upmost respect for all of our men and women who serve . Military , Police , Fire Fighters , EMT and Paramedic . The average person may not really understand the pressure these people are under . In most jobs if you make a mistake you are talked to , written up ,or fired . But most of the time you get another chance . Lets say a ” Do Over . ” In the fields I listed above there are no Do Overs . You walk into a situation and you must in some cases make a split second decision . If your right you might even be called a hero . If your wrong it could cost you AND your family EVERYTHING ! Officers are being gunned down for no reason at a alarming rate today. For the officer the thought of ” will I go home today ? ” And for the spouse and children the same applies . I just want you to know that I say a prayer for all of you to make it home safe everyday . Thank you for what you do and GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY . Mark Traywick .


  7. I do appreciate law enforcement officers – more for what they do that I am not even aware of than how I have dealt with them. Like everyone else they can be pleasant and unpleasant, and they are more enjoyable when coming to the rescue than when playing the heavy and are the sign of ‘getting in trouble’ or just being in danger of getting in trouble. I think my emotion is universal.


  8. Reblogged this on NWA Backs The Blue and commented:
    This is one incredibly moving blog post, I think it should make all those who do not walk the thin blue line to really think about what an officer of the law goes through on a daily basis


  9. I’m the mother, and now grandmother, of police officers and no words can ever express the fear knowing the danger my son (now retired) and my grandson (officer for one year now) have experienced every day in their job. no words can express the anger I’ve felt at times when I hear people put down the police. no words can really express how proud I am of my family in law enforcement and all those other police out there. the only words I can say are….THANK YOU and God bless you for being willing to put your life in danger so I can live mine feeling more secure!!!!


  10. I support the law officers of this country. I believe the criminals have more rights than law abiding citizens do. It’s time that changes .So thanks to the men and women who have become law enforcement.


    1. I want to thank each and every officer for what they do every day. I pray that you stay safe and return home safely every day. God bless the men and women in blue. Be safe, stay safe…blue lives matter!!!

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  11. We’re so proud of our son…a former Marine and now a small town police officer that aspires to a much more ambitious position in law enforcement. He’s built for this profession and is VERY good at it, but sometimes hates it because of the disrespect and continuous arrests of the same law breakers, usually released by incompetent judges with the proverbial slap on the wrist. What a shame and all of us law-abiding citizens should be outraged! Please pray for those that truly sacrifice, work hard, do the right thing and are trying to serve and protect every day. They certainly don’t do it for the money. May God bless ’em all!


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